What is Coworker

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Coworker is desktop application designed to manage service and labor oriented business like Saloon, Repair Business, Plumbing, Furniture, Beauty & Spa, Wood lipping, grooving, cutting, home cleaning etc

It has a lot of features like quick access to data, Importing and exporting data, and a very large database which can hold up to millions of records. It has a sleek intuitive user interface and is user-friendly, so that you can start using it almost immediately after installation.

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Key Features

  1. Employee Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Payroll Management
  4. Secure and Encrypted database
  5. Services Management
  6. Prices Management
  7. Exporting and importing of records in Excel
  8. Cash Register
  9. Business reports
  10. Role based access
  11. Timesheet/Attendance Management
  12. SMS capability
  13. Email capability
  14. Generate sales reports
  15. etc

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